Crew Repatriation

Our dedicated team has over the decade accumulated a vast amount of wealth in knowledge in this field and can assure you of the personalized and professional services that we can provide in ensuring a swift and safe manner approach is executed in crew transfers.


We have representatives deployed at all International & Local Airports that would meet and assist all crew members in reaching their destinations in one peace of mind. Not only we provide the above, but also have representation with Government Authorities that will assist in speeding up any process that requires intervention and at the same time stand as guarantee for all transit movements in South Africa.


Our rates are attractive to our customers as we can offer you ones that will be beneficial as we have the cutting edge over most our competitors.

Owners & Husbandry Services

Trident marine can provide you with a "ONE STOP" Service, meaning that all your Husbandry & Owners requirements in South Africa is executed by one company eliminating the time and cost in dealing with various service providers. This service is designed to add value and save you money.


Our Agency rates are well below the market related and we can also negotiate the best rates with our service providers.


Off Port Limits

This type of service requires accuracy and urgency our dedicated team can provide you with this service and negotiate the attractive rates for Helicopter & Pilot Boat launch service that will be beneficial to you.

Ship Spares


Our sister company has been servicing Ship Owners in this field for over 30 years and has established excellent relationship and working conditions.


We understand the urgency in placing these spares on board vessels in a Swift and Safety manner without creating any delays in vessels departure. A dedicated tracing and tracking team is engaged to ensure that all appropriate documentation is compiled and processed to effect clearance prior to vessels arrival.


The Team’s motto is that "We don't meet deadlines" we beat them.

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